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"The greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitude of mind" - William James

To be successful, you need 90% Attitude and only 10% Knowledge. For the past few years, those who came across "Home Based Business System" have not even exceed 1% of the Asian population. With our years of experiences and technology advancement, thousands of people in the coming years will be equipped with new information technology to reach financial heights they have never dreamed of!
The world, not only in Asia, is facing an economic uncertainty, unemployment rate is high and cost of living is always rising. With higher expectations and the desire to provide their families with the best things in life, many households with two incomes are not living as well as their parents with single income earner! With stress levels increasing and quality family time decreasing, how will be the next generation live their lives? This is the trend of the whole world, all of us have to face the reality.

But there is a way how we can "beat the trend" that most people struggle with everyday!
    The Need More income to enable choices for my future.
    The Challenge Finding a legitimate vehicle to enhance my current skills and efforts.
    The Hope I can learn what someone successful has done and copy it.
It can be difficult to find a successful person willing to share the secrets of their success. This is largely due to a fear that you could become their competitor! But your search is over!
This is your future, your life! Are you serious about making some changes? The past is the past and try as you might, there is nothing you can do to change it. The way you live tomorrow will be based on decisions and actions that you made today. It all starts with the way you think and want. What is the most important priority in your life now?
In life's challenge, the result may not be the one we expected. Whether it is to become more successful in your personal life or business life, it is important to have an example to follow. This has been a proven factor in our successful business system. Most of the time we limit our chance of growth if we are not feeding our mind with healthy, thought provoking concepts to challenge our thinking. Without a coach or mentor to show us how to navigate in a new direction, it can be very confusing thus fruitless........

These are the words of Mr. Jim Rohn, world renowned Business Philosopher for Herbalife
If your last pay is $5/per hour, can you to change to $50/per hour? He answered, of course! If your last pay is $50/per hour, can you change to $100/per hour? He answered, of course! If your last pay is $100/per hour, can you change to $400/per hour? He answered, of course! Then added, it's a L.A.D.D.E.R! Take it step by step and you will reach to your peak of SUCCESS-GOALS-PRIORITY!

1. A new member purchase $450 for introductory package, booklets and discs.

2. Achieve 40 new members similarly that becomes 40*450=1800. The only condition is that all members are passionate consumers and love Herbalife products. Like myself, my daily favourites are the Shakeworks Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix (with 3 flavours) and Personalized Protein Powder.

3. From the 40, you need 12 Distributors and 5 Supervisors to generate 4,000VP.

4. Your income is around $3,500 per month plus additional Consumer Group profits and Volume Producer Group.

1. This is real unlimited income system.

2. You need 12 Supervisors maintaining the Business Build-up System similarly as you. This is about 20,000VP*12= 240,000VP.

3. You are now a President's Team Member. Your income is around $15,000 per month.

4. But if you can achieve the above by 6 months, your real income is doubled to $30,000 per month as you have completed in half a year.

Associating with successful people and environment gives you a better chance of becoming successful.

Be very specific on your goals that you want in life.
Persistant action and focus towards accomplishing your goals irregardless of rejections is the key to success.

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